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CT - Corporation System

Plantation, FL

CFO - Chief Financial Officer

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Our Network of Process Servers are authorized to serve your legal and important documents in all 50 States, including Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.


We also serve process in most Foreign Countries, including but not limited to: Mexico, Canada, Guatemala, Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama, & Morocco.


  • Alimony Support Orders

  • Child Support Orders

  • Divorce Papers

  • Eviction & Back Rent

  • Foreclosures

  • Judgment Liens

  • ​​Notice to Appear for Trial

  • Notice to Pay Rent or Vacate

  • Subpoenas

  • Summons & Complaint

  • Writ of Garnishment

  • Others...


​Our FEES for Service of Process vary depending on where your documents have to be served and whether you want Standard or Rush Service.  Once we serve your documents, you will receive an AFFIDAVIT OF SERVICE (also known as a RETURN OF SERVICE or PROOF OF SERVICE), plus an INVOICE.



Police Report

Court Record

Jail or Prison Document or Photo


We can get it for you

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We are very likely to find:

  • Witness(es)

  • Family Members

  • Friend(s)

  • Former Husband or Wife

  • Former Girlfriend or Boyfriend

  • Heir(s)

  • Defendant(s)

  • Plaintiff(s)

  • Petitioner(s)

  • Respondent(s)

  • Debtors

IMPORTANT: It is illegal for you to hire our services to track & locate a person or persons, if the Court has issued a "RESTRAINING ORDER" or you have been ORDERED by the Police or Judge to stay away from said person(s).

Background Checks


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Remember this, "I trust you, I just don't trust the devil in you." Trust is a beautiful thing and more valuable than money & gold. With that been said: Be careful who you trust, especially those you meet online. In the old days, you met people through other friends & relatives, at work or at a party. DO NOT divulge to much information about yourself through social media. If you display a rich life style you are more likely to become the target of IDENTITY THEFT or HOME INVASION.



Date a Child Molester and your children or neighbors' children are more likely to be raped or molested.

Date a woman that killed her husband and you are more likely to be killed. Depending on the type of crime and how long ago the crime happened some people deserve a second chance. We just want you to be safe and make informed decisions. The Background Checks we conduct are CONFIDENTIAL and can be paid by anyone. We can conduct the Background Check & Research on someone you just met, someone you're dating, or someone your son, daughter, or friend just met or is dating. We recommend that you don't wait for the person to be blinded by love  before you solicit our services. A Background Check will give you peace of mind.


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