Background Check

(Arrest History)


Only $75.00

(per person)

The Background Check we conduct includes a Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) Statewide Criminal History Search that will tell you if the person has been arrested in any of Florida 67 Counties for any serious Misdemeanor or Felony Crimes, including:


  1. Violation of Probation

  2. Child Sexual Abuse, Child Neglect, Other Child Offenses

  3. Stalking or Harassment

  4. Domestic Violence, Assault or Strangulation

  5. Rape or Other Adult Sex Crimes

  6. Murder (Homicide)

  7. Firearms or Other Weapons Violations

  8. Robbery, Burglary or Other Theft Crimes

  9. Identity Theft or Fraud Crimes

  10. Drug Use, Trafficking, Sell or Possession With Intent to Distribute

  11. Fugitive from Justice (Wanted)

  12. Terrorism (Domestic or International)


Customers are reminded that the $75.00 fee we charge is for running the Florida Statewide Background Search (Criminal History).


The fee to search other States is extra.


The fee for retrieval of Police, Court, Jail or Prison Records is also extra. See Retrieval of Records.

Remember this, "I trust you, I just don't trust the devil in you." Trust is a beautiful thing and more valuable than money & gold. With that been said: Be careful who you trust, especially those you meet online. In the old days, you met people through other friends & relatives, at work or at a party. DO NOT divulge to much information about yourself through social media. If you display a rich life style you are more likely to become the target of IDENTITY THEFT or HOME INVASION.



Date a Child Molester and your children or neighbors' children are more likely to be raped or molested.

Date a woman that killed her husband and you are more likely to be killed. Depending on the type of crime and how long ago the crime happened some people deserve a second chance. We just want you to be safe and make informed decisions. The Background Checks we conduct are CONFIDENTIAL and can be paid by anyone. We can conduct the Background Check & Research on someone you just met, someone you're dating, or someone your son, daughter, or friend just met or is dating. We recommend that you don't wait for the person to be blinded by love  before you solicit our services. A Background Check will give you peace of mind.


(Arrest History)