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Only $75.00

(Starting Price per Person)

Our Locate-A-Person & Research databases, plus experience in finding people and their personal assets are some of the best in the industry.

We are very likely to find:

  • Witness(es)

  • Family Members

  • Friend(s)

  • Former Husband or Wife

  • Former Girlfriend or Boyfriend

  • Heir(s)

  • Defendant(s)

  • Plaintiff(s)

  • Petitioner(s)

  • Respondent(s)

  • Debtors

IMPORTANT: It is illegal for you to hire our services to track & locate a person or persons, if the Court has issued a "RESTRAINING ORDER" or you have been ORDERED by the Police or Judge to stay away from said person(s).

Clients are reminded that the FEES charged for the Search & Research only include the address(es) we find. If you want us to confirm the person(s) whereabouts, there's an extra fee depending on where the person is located. When we provide you with the address(es) of where the person lives or work, you will be provided with a written quote on the fees for confirming whether or not said person is at the address(es) we provide you with.

The fee to search in other States is extra and we won't search in other States unless you prepay for that service.


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